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Paxkan is a lifeline for holistic well-being! Their healing sessions, workshops, and events transformed me. The care and expertise of their facilitators create a space for growth and celebration. Through Paxkan, I've found peace, healing, and a supportive community. The impact on my health is astounding. Their commitment to a safe and nurturing space is commendable. Grateful for Paxkan in my life.

Montze Ramoz

Es una experiencia increíble me desconecte de este plano astral y libere todas mis malas energías así mismo stress laboral recomiendo ampliamente esta terapia manita arriba 👏🏻🕉🏔🍃la medicina alternativa fue la respuesta que necesitaba a todos mis problemas me encanto ❤️🇨🇦Recomendado ampliamente

Fede Designation

Erika from Paxkan is a fantastic holistic therapist and event organizer. I recently attended her Singing Circle event and it was both fun and helpful. Erika's passion for music and holistic therapy created a warm and welcoming environment where participants felt comfortable expressing themselves through song. Her guidance and genuine care made the experience uplifting and empowering. I highly recommend attending Erika's events for a unique and beneficial well-being experience!

Diana Ramirez

I participated in the paxkan singing circle and I have to say that it was a wonderful experience surrounded by beautiful people. I would love to participate again because it allowed me to calm my mind, express myself through music, and explore a beautiful connection with other people. I highly recommend Paxkan, and Erika as facilitator during this wonderful meeting.


I recently had the pleasure of immersing myself in the world of holistic wellness at Paxkan, and I must say it was a truly unique experience. From the moment I engaged with the ambiance of Paxkan, I was very satisfied with Erika's therapic skills and Paxkan's commitment to nurturing the mind, body, and spirit. It is a great experience. Thanks Erika.

Ajairu B.

I went for my second massage session, and Erika has truly went above & beyond in using her amazing techniques. She knows exactly where the pain/tightness is located, and she just knows how to use the right amount of pressure. Definitely going to continue with her as a powerful healer.

Denise Lua Boutique Employee

Beautiful women circle last night⭕🧡 thank you Erika for this incredible space and energy I Felt. We shared lots of love and feminine power ❤️. Thank you so much. I recommend it.

Calu Jurado Designation

Excellent service. I took the Ayurveda massage and the atmosphere was incredible for enjoying complete relaxation. Erika is very professional in her work. I recommend the massage for pampering body and mind.

Peter Hvizdos

I just had a massage with Erika and first what i have to mention she was very professional, competent and caring. The room is nice and open, her massage table is clean, relaxing music makes me feel completely at ease and relaxed during sessions .Had my best sleep in months;) I would not hesitate to recommend Erika to others;)Try it and see for yourselves. Actions speak louder than words. P.Hvizdos


This practice has a touch of clinical Epigenetics - built into it. Erika, the founder of this venture, embraces her artistic talents in a wholesome fashion. She combines ancient wisdom and artistic expression as a method of healing,- tweaking the intricate inner-workings of human body. At the heart of Gastown, Paxkan community is a nirvana nest where one can discover liberating and joyful events: cacao ceremony, ecstatic dance, singing circle, and medicine music. These events are akin to an epigenetic device,- turning off the unhealthy signals and turning on the healthy ones inside human body,- enabling it to engage in healing workouts at the deepest level. Erika is an excellent therapist. Capitalizing upon her knowhow of bodywork and scientific knowledge of anatomy, she offers a rejuvenating energy. She is extremely skillful at relieving upper-body discomfort/pains -- something not so alien to professionals exposed to the occupational hazard of staying on forward-head-posture big time. If muscle rigidity is bothering you, a session of massage gun therapy is a must-do-it-now. Join in , see and & feel it firsthand.

Colin Fox aka StarFyre

A poetic sharing of my phenomenal experience with Paxkan’sHeartdance Cacao ceremony and facilitators: Nervously I enter the room, Is this a safe place, I can’t assume. Quickly though I am supported to ease, So many kind Beings here, Do I want more, yes please! Such powerful intentions and excellent leadership, My heart walls melted into community friendship. I highly recommend Paxkan’s services to everyone, A place to be loved and nourished and have so much fun! ~ Be the movement of change

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