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Breathwork Ecstatic Dance

Higher Frequency

Come join us again at Paxkan studio in Gastown for a unique wellness journey that combines breathwork and ecstatic dance to boost your energy and reconnect you with yourself and

Cacao Ceremonies

CACAO DANCE – Spring ceremony

IMPORTANT! Once you’ve grabbed your ticket, keep an eye on your email. We’ll be sending over the address along with all the juicy details and some handy parking tips. So,

Singing Circle

Singing Circle – Medicine Music

Hi!! We are back every Wednesday!! <3 Come join us for an enchanting evening of meditation and medicine music at the Singing Circle. Explore your own medicine through your singing

Cacao Ceremonies Ecstatic Dance

Heart Dance, Cacao and Ecstatic Dance ceremony

Heart Dance Cacao and Ecstatic Dance ceremony My intention for this cacao and ecstatic dance ceremony: Foster divine connections and cultivate conscious, healthy relationships. Aho!!! -Tefa I feel truly inspired

Cacao Ceremonies Ecstatic Dance

LOVE FLOW Cacao Ceremony with live Medicine Music and Ecstatic Dance

LOVE FLOW Cacao Ceremony- Ecstatic Dance- Medicine Music We are so happy to present our last event of the year our annual event: Love flow is an artistic and healing

Cacao Ceremonies Ecstatic Dance

Equinox Elixir: Cacao Ceremony, Ecstatic Dance and Sound Healing

Cacao Ceremony- Ecstatic Dance- Sound Healing Join us on September 23rd at 55 East Cordova St., Vancouver, BC for an enchanting afternoon of Cacao Ceremony, Ecstatic Dance, and Medicine Music.

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