Singing Circle – Medicine Music

Hi!! We are back every Wednesday!! <3

Come join us for an enchanting evening of meditation and medicine music at the Singing Circle.

Explore your own medicine through your singing voice!

Discover the transformative power of group singing, connecting with like-minded souls and the healing energy of music.

No experience needed – just bring your heart and voice as we delve into medicine songs from diverse traditions, encompassing Mantras and Contemporary Medicine Songs.

Join us in expanding the heart and soul.

Enhance the experience by bringing your instruments
– whatever resonates.

Let’s make our journey even more harmonious!

Don’t miss out on this magical experience we have prepare with all our heart.

Save on eventbrite fees, send you donation with your name to our e-transfer: delair.home@gmail.com

Meet Tefa Vento:

Erika Retiz, also known as Tefa Vento, is an embodiment of resilience and self-discovery through holistic practices. From embracing Kundalini Yoga at 15 to delving into massage and holistic nursing, Erika’s journey has been marked by personal growth and healing. With an acting diploma, a communication degree, and a Holistic Therapy Diploma under her belt, she brings a diverse skill set to her approach.

Now based in Vancouver, Canada, Tefa Vento’s philosophy shines through in her medicine music singing. By integrating ancestral wisdom with artistic expression, she humbly honors her roots, crafting transformative experiences for others. Through cacao ceremonies, medicinal chanting, and ecstatic dance, she fosters positivity and empowerment, demonstrating the profound impact of her holistic living philosophy.

Know more about her: tefavento.com

Paxkan-The place of peace- for more details, visit paxkan.com. Check our private services such as:


-Ayurveda Therapy.

-Guided Meditation.

-Ceremonies for private events.

  • Time : 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm (America/Vancouver)
  • Venue : 55 E Cordova
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