LOVE FLOW Cacao Ceremony with live Medicine Music and Ecstatic Dance


Cacao Ceremony- Ecstatic Dance- Medicine Music

We are so happy to present our last event of the year our annual event: Love flow is an artistic and healing event, carefully curated by Tefa Vento. This event intends to guide you through an exploration of all the human senses, connect with cacao medicine, the power of essential oils, boost your mood and dance in its pure expression.

Cacao revitalizes your body and mind inviting us to express, release and unleash our creativity on the dance floor. It has forty times the antioxidants of blueberries, is the highest plant-based iron source, and is full of magnesium for a healthy heart and brain. It also has more calcium than cow’s milk and a natural mood elevator and anti-depressant. It is the ultimate heart opener.

Raise the energy of love and high frequencies to let go of everything we do not want to continue carrying, treat yourself and share in total presence. Experience the liberating joy of movement in any way that resonates with you, guided by music and inner exploration, within a remarkable setting. Move beyond the confines of your analytical mind, reconnect with your physicality and ride the wave of motion, transitioning from meditative to ecstatic states and everything in between. This energy powerful and pure, has the capacity to elevate vibrations and transport us to states of euphoria, where we feel truly alive and steeped in the blissful essence of the present moment.

Host: Tefa Vento

PA: Leticia Tavares

Singing along with Erik Thien live Medicine Music.

Downtempo bass live DJ set:



-KOKU- Live Music

We have limited space, We recommend you get your ticket as soon as possible. First come, first serve.
No cash at the door. Complete address details to ticket holders only.

What to Bring?

1. Mat to lay on
2. Light blanket
3. Water bottle
5. Personal item for an Altar


-Journal and Pillow.

2:00 Sharing circle
2:15 Cacao Ceremony with live Medicine Music
2:45 Ecstatic dance
5:00 Closing

SOBER BAR available <3
Healthy treats included in the ticket price <3
Parking in the streets (more info after purchasing the ticket.)



Mexican Artist, Her professional studies in communication, holistic therapy and acting have influenced each of her personal projects. The techniques she uses to enhance healing come from a variety of sources, including movement arts, medicine music, reiki, meditation and massage therapy.

She is the founder of Paxkan, a collective of holistic therapists and artists; and Habitat Teatro, a performing arts company in Mexico since 2012.

Now she is also part of Bohemians Minds Online Platform for Artists.

Currently based in Vancouver, she offers individual sessions, workshops, and events for personal, artistic and spiritual development to all kinds of audiences. She has presented her work in different spaces, exhibitions and festivals in Mexico, Canada and Guatemala.



Kiyoshi “Koku” Iio was born and raised in Japan. Primarily self taught, he grew up playing sports and later became a drummer in rock bands. After a few years of playing drums, he began exploring other instruments such as guitar, bass, djembe and didgeridoo.
While traveling the world, Koku bought a hang drum (Handpan) in Spain in 2017. From there, he traveled to over 20 countries busking with his handpan to make a living. For one year, he led a nomadic life playing music in various countries.
In 2018, he came to Vancouver, Canada and was so impressed by the natural beauty that he decided to stay for a long period.
The next step in his musical journey is to explore electronic and ambient music using synthesizers and sampled sounds from nature.

Koku has produced over 100 videos of him playing music in various environments both in nature and in urban settings which can be seen on YouTube and Instagram. You can also hear his music on Bandcamp and Spotify.
Koku is passionate about working with musicians around the world and also providing his services to various people in different fields such as gaming, films, fashion, dance, theatre, etc.



[shah-shoo] a French artist on the Vancouver scene. Her deep passion for electronic music and curating unique & intimate spaces for music lovers is palpable throughout the city.She is the founder of MINDSET, an Irish & Vancouver based collective which has booked international techno artists such as Nancy Live, Dark Arps, Jordan Gill & HNTR. CHɅCHØU sets fuse the crowds energy into one free styling choreography as it travels through the sound of deep, groovy & melodic beats. Her versatile approach enables her to adapt her style for diverse crowds, making her a desirable & highly sought out artist.
In 2021 she released her first single “You Are” with Wild Red Feat. Chris Corkal. Latest release in 2023 ‘’Orchestrated Chaos’’ with Chris Corkal.She has performed in various countries, such as Ireland, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, USA & Vancouver while spreading her unique sound throughout British Columbia, Canada since 2019.She recently opened/closed for headliners: Korolova, Dense and Pika, Truncate, Anyasa, Gene Farris, HOSH, Ardalan, Karsten Sollors, Sunil Sharpe, HNTR, Juhen & Kuvoka.

She is not only recognized for her deep passion for electronic music but also for her involvement in various events that showcase her diverse talents. Among these, she has collaborated with Tefa Vento in Paxkan events, where her sets create a unique and immersive experience for attendees. Additionally Chachou has been an integral part of breathwork sessions with Rewilding alongside.



Czech Dj/Musician

My music is more than just beats and rhythms; it’s a story waiting to be told. With my background in theatre and acting, I approach DJing as if I’m putting on a performance. Every set is a chance for me totake my listeners on a journey, weaving together different sounds and genres to create a narrative that’sboth captivating and unforgettable (I hope.) As an artist, I’m a tireless fighter for a perfect art, but I alsoenjoy the imperfect process of creation. My musical style is as diverse as it is dynamic and infuse with aunique blend of classical, folk, and ethnic sounds spiced up with a touch of theatrical flair.In addition to traditional DJing, I’m also an ecstatic dance DJ. I work closely with Paxkan to create ecstaticdance journeys at music festivals and well-being events.If you are an artist and looking to catch your muse, be sure to check out my online platform,


Check my music: https://kovarmarek.com/dj/


Erik is a talented musician hailing from the vibrant music scene of Chile. With a passion for acoustic melodies, he captivates audiences with his soulful performances of both cover songs and original compositions. Inspired by the likes of Tom Misch and FKJ, Erik weaves together a unique blend of Spanish and English lyrics, creating a poetic fusion of languages that adds an enchanting touch to his music.


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  • Time : 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm (America/Vancouver)
  • Venue : 55 E Cordova
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