Higher Frequency

Come join us again at Paxkan studio in Gastown for a unique wellness journey that combines breathwork and ecstatic dance to boost your energy and reconnect you with yourself and set you on a higher frequency. Experience the amazing benefits of these practices as we help you discover new levels of well-being and self-awareness.


-Transcendence: Holotropic Breathwork, The Belief Blueprint & Somatic Healing

Guided by The Mindset Explorer and Chachou Live dj set

The Belief Blueprint & the wonders of somatic body work, participants will dive deep into their inner worlds, guided by these incredible practices

Introducing the Belief Blueprint—a method designed to unearth, comprehend, and rewire the deep-seated fear-based beliefs that dampen your vibrational frequency. By applying this blueprint, you’ll soar to higher realms of consciousness.

At the heart of this workshop lies Holotropic Breathwork, a gateway to altered states of consciousness that unveils the veiled wisdom of the subconscious. This transformative process fosters emotional release, heightened clarity, and profound healing—a journey to the essence of one’s being, facilitating unparalleled personal evolution.

Complementing this journey is ‘Somatic Body Healing,’ an essential component that facilitates reconnection with the body, dissolves physical tension, and fosters healing from past traumas. Through the synergy of breathwork and somatic bodywork, individuals rediscover vitality, experience emotional catharsis, and forge a profound mind-body harmony.

It’s time to Explore & Transcend!

-Ecstatic Dance Journey : immersive experience, where live music, guided dance, and boundless creativity converge to elevate your spirit and ignite your passion.

Guided by Tefa Vento, and -MK- Live dj set.

Step into an unforgettable Ecstatic Dance Journey guided by Tefa Vento and the captivating beats of -MK-‘s live DJ set. With Tefa Vento’s expertise as a seasoned facilitator, you’re invited to liberate yourself through free, expressive movement, tapping into your body’s innate wisdom. Experience the exhilaration of shedding stagnant energy, igniting your creative spark, and reconnecting with your true essence.

Feel the room come alive as Tefa Vento’s vibrant presence and -MK-‘s electrifying music create an atmosphere that pulses with energy and excitement. -MK- DJ is known for his passion for crafting immersive musical experiences. He’ll take you on a rhythmic journey that breaks boundaries and invites you to dance with uninhibited freedom.

Together, Tefa Vento and -MK- will lead you on an enchanting exploration of dance and music, leaving you feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and fully alive.

Don’t miss this immersive experience, where live music, guided dance, and boundless creativity converge to elevate your spirit and ignite your passion.


-Comfy white clothes


-Water Bottle

-Yoga Matt

  • Time : 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm (America/Vancouver)
  • Venue : 55 E Cordova, Vancouver BC
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