Equinox Elixir: Cacao Ceremony, Ecstatic Dance and Sound Healing

Cacao Ceremony- Ecstatic Dance- Sound Healing

Join us on September 23rd at 55 East Cordova St., Vancouver, BC for an enchanting afternoon of Cacao Ceremony, Ecstatic Dance, and Medicine Music. Immerse yourself in this transformative experience, honoring the sacred cacao plant, expressing freely through dance, and elevating your spirit with soulful melodies. Don’t miss this unique opportunity for self-discovery and connection! 🍂🌟 #AutumnMagic

Experience the ancient tradition of cacao ceremony as we honor the sacred cacao plant and its heart-opening properties. Sip on a warm cup of ceremonial cacao, allowing it to guide you on a journey of self-discovery and connection.

Afterwards, surrender to the rhythm of the ecstatic dance as we create a safe space for free expression and movement. Let the music move through you, as you dance your heart out and connect with your body, mind, and spirit.

The medicine music will transport you to a higher state of consciousness, as talented musicians weave together melodies that resonate with your soul. Allow the vibrations to heal, uplift, and inspire you.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to connect with yourself and others in a transformative and uplifting environment. Join us for a magical afternoon of cacao ceremonyecstatic dance, and medicine music.

  • Time : 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm (America/Vancouver)
  • Venue : 55 E Cordova
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