We invite you to come and explore this love language with us on this synchronous date. We will be working with the energies of the divine numerology 22222, who comes to motivate you to express your wishes to your partner and quit holding back. The time has arrived to treasure every waking moment spent with your dear ones.

You will learn and practice simple, beautiful massage techniques during the event. It is a very dynamic and comprehensive workshop, In addition, you will enjoyably meet new people while you will be earning how to give and receive a good massage.

After connecting with the massage exploration, we will enjoy an ecstatic dance journey with a live Dj set.

Enjoy the freedom of movement however you wish. We invite you to flow away from your thinking mind and get back into your body to ride the wave of movement from meditative to ecstatic and anything in between. Be comfortable with your clothing, bring a Yoga Matt, a red candle, pink or red rose.

Space holder Tefa Vento by PAXKAN

Ecstatic Dance live DJ set by: – MK-

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WHERE: Lucid Mansion – West Vancouver. We will send the address to the ticket holders only.

About the artists:

Tefa Vento:

Founder of Paxkan, a collective of Nomadic holistic therapists and Habitat Teatro. She has been part of the Line Up of healing area of several festivals around Mexico, Guatemala, and Canada as Cosmic Convergence Festival, Eudaimonia Festival, Back to the wild, and WonderIsland. Holistic Therapist from Colegio Mexicano de Masaje y enfermería holística and actress from El Círculo Teatral in Mexico City. She is originally from Mexico City currently living in Canada. Her passion is to create in community and help people express themselves in freedom through the healing and performing arts.

IG @Tefa Vento

-MK- Dj/Musician

Music is part of my soul. My first gig was back in 2008 in the Czech Republic. I played songs for a while, but my passion switched to singing, guitar playing, and theater. I started djing again in 2019 in Vancouver, BC, and my journey of exploration of electronic music has begun. I am a tireless fighter for perfect art, enjoying an imperfect process. I wander and explore the magic of music from downtempo to psytrance, from acoustic to electronic music. My music will take you on a journey worldwide through a blend of style touches in ethnic, classical, and folk sounds, supported by cathy rhythms and deep moving bass drums! I am also the founder of Bohemian’s minds, an education platform for artists – Catch your muse!

  • Time : 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm (America/Vancouver)
  • Venue : West Vancouver
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