Cacao Ceremony

Experience the healing power of cacao in our ceremonial experience. Led by experienced facilitators. Connect with your heart and find grounding in the ancient ritual of cacao ceremony.

Cacao Ceremony

A cacao ceremony is a ritual that involves the consumption of cacao, a type of chocolate made from the beans of the cacao tree. The ceremony is typically led by a facilitator and may include elements such as meditation, music, and intention-setting. The cacao consumed in the ceremony is often a ceremonial grade, which is considered to be of higher quality and purity than regular chocolate.

Participants in a cacao ceremony often report feeling a sense of euphoria and heightened awareness as a result of consuming the cacao. The ceremony is said to have a grounding and heart-opening effect, allowing for deeper connections with oneself and others.

Cacao ceremonies have been used for centuries by indigenous cultures in Central and South America for spiritual, ceremonial and medicinal purposes. The Mayans and Aztecs for instance considered it as a gift from the gods and used it in many ceremonies as a way to connect with the divine. It’s often used in modern times for personal development, spiritual practices, and as a tool for facilitating group connections and healing.

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